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homemade garden






Most of the vegetables that 『kinone ni;kizasu.』 serves you in the meals are from the owner’s home garden, grown without using any pesticide or chemical fertilizer during cultivation period.The home garden is located at a high altitude of 750 meters above sea level. Sometimes it enjoys brilliant rays of the sun closely, and sometimes silently sits tight shrouded in a dense and thick fog, waiting for the time to pass.At times, wild monkeys, boars, and birds break into the garden netting.Harshness of natural environment has us to put much more love into growing each crop. Even the cold icy air from the mountains gives the harvests rich taste.

Here we have a local specialty called Hongawa potato.

It is smaller in size, but firm and chewy. The great flavor overflows with every chew.Spring with a bit bitter taste of wild vegetables’ sprouts visits us as the cold letting up, and then in the late summer an early cool breeze awake mushrooms in the mountains.Hope you enjoy the local vegetables that are hindered by nature, and blessed with nature.

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