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 Many of the vegetables provided by the [ni;kizasu.] use their own vegetable garden grown without pesticides and without chemical fertilizers during the cultivation period. The fields are located at altitudes between 550m and 750m above sea level, where there are days when the sun shines brilliantly nearby, and days when you are wrapped in deep and dense fog and quietly wait for time to progress. The crops are targeted by monkeys, wild boars, birds, etc., so they set up nets and nets, but they could also break into them. The environment is not good, but the crops that are carefully cultivated have an attachment, and the crops that endure the cold have rich taste. Honkawa potato is a specialty of this land. Although the size is small, the fruit is tight and the taste spreads with each chewing with an elastic texture. When the cold tempers, various wild plants sprout and a bitter spring comes in, and the mushrooms wake up when the cool breeze begins to blow into the mountains in the late summer.  Hope to be able to eat the vegetables of this land that is hindered by nature and blessed with nature.

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